Island Dream

⦁ Planning, coordination, consultation and pre-meeting with your personal wedding planner
⦁ Personal wedding planner assistance
⦁ A uniquely personal set-up for just the two of you. (2 persons only):
⦁ Wedding ceremony celebrant (english language)
⦁ The use of venue for wedding ceremony (beach, garden in resort)
⦁ Elegant basic decoration at wedding venue. Bamboo, seashells, driftwood, light fabric arrangement for ceremony arch.
⦁ Bridal bouquet and corsage for the groom
⦁ Pillow or seashell for wedding rings
⦁ Music sound system for ceremony
⦁ Cold drinking water
⦁ Personalized wedding certificate in a decorative folder (non-official)
⦁ 30min professional photography service during wedding ceremony including 1 hour photoshoot in 1 location
⦁ 60 fully retouched digital photos sent via Dropbox. Wedding photographer

Fresh flowers arch and arrangements from 600 euros